HackOurCampus Workshop

Scheduled for August 27 at 4pm ET
Welcome to the Intro to Android workshop, which will be led by one of our co-instructors, Kevin! 🎉
We will be showing you how to build a simple to-do list app using Kotlin. Watch the recorded workshop at https://youtu.be/1UP0FxngJVU.

Getting Ready:

We've only got an hour, and Android Studio is a big program, so we ask that you get a few things ready ahead of time.
Please download Android Studio beforehand so that you can follow along during the workshop. We have a simple guide here.
We recommend downloading SDK 23 for it's coverage of almost any modern Android device. Learn more about these development kits and how to install them here.
We will be going over how to navigate the IDE and the basics of Kotlin in our workshop, but it will largely be on the fly and comparatively brief, since we will be attempting to compress 4 weeks of content into a bite-sized highlights reel. As such, previewing Chapter 1 of this textbook is highly recommended.


Task App Starter Code.zip
Starter Code (Download This!)
HOC demo.zip
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