Importing, Exporting, & Submitting Your Projects to CMS

Importing .zip Files into Android Studios

To import a .zip file into Android Studios

  • Select File (in the top left)

  • New

  • Import Project

  • Navigate to the folder of the .zip file and select it

Alternatively, if that doesn't work then we can try the following:

  • Unzip the project into an EMPTY directory (using WinRAR or any built in unzipper)

  • Open Android Studios

  • Select File

  • New

  • Import Project

  • Navigate to the root of said Directory

  • Select the Android PROJECT not the zip file (see below)

Exporting Your Project as a .zip File

To export your project:

  • Select File (top left of Android Studio)

  • Find Export tab

  • Export to Zip File

  • Select the Directory you want the zip file to go in

  • Name you file

  • Select OK

Submitting Your Project on CMS

Please name the .zip file with the format: netid1_HW#. For example, if your netID is abc123 and you're working on HW2, you should name your project "abc123_HW2".

Challenge Problems

If you do any of the additional challenge problems, please attach a plaintext file named "README" and list the challenge numbers that you implemented.

For example, an assignment might have 4 challenge problems and if you implemented challenge problem #1 and #3, your README.txt will have "1, 3" on it. If you want to go into detail on what you implemented, this would be a good place to do so!

If you do not implement any of the challenge problems, you do not have to attach a README.

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