2.5 Summary + A Note On Chapter 2 Topics

Having a good understanding of class files, XML files, and their interactions is a core skill for Android development. In this chapter, we discussed several of the most common views, and typical ways of adding functionality in class files and organizing them using ViewGroup objects. Then, we looked at some of the other resource file types that Android developers typically include in their applications. We will keep seeing ViewGroups again and again so if it seems a little confusing now, they'll become more and familiar soon, just try to master the one you use this week by exploring! On the note of exploration...

There are also a bajillion more views than the ones discussed in this chapter, which I’m sure you’ll come across in your quest for Android knowledge when exploring. Experience, googling, and trial-and-error will be your best friends in being able to develop some 🔥 applications.

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