5.1 ListView vs. RecyclerView

ListView and RecyclerView are two different layouts that can be used to display a list of objects, but it is often difficult to tell which one is being used in a mobile app.

Typically the implementation of a ListView is simpler than a RecyclerView but are less performant. For apps like those you built in HW4 and will build in HW5 where there are minimal calculations, a ListView is perfectly serviceable.

We used both types of layouts in Eatery:

Looking at a list in an app for the first time, it’s difficult to tell whether the screen is made with a list view or a recycler view. In fact, to the user, there is almost no visual difference between a list made with either layouts.

The main difference between the two layouts stems from how they handle performance. In the industry, it is highly recommended to use a recycler view unless you are building a very simple list that does not require heavy computations, as previously mentioned.

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